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Introducing the Anderson Technologies Preventative Maintenance Program!


   This service covers the following items:

  1.  Removal of toner dust, paper lint, debris and other harmful particles from entire paper path.

  2.  Removal clean & inspect the fusing assembly for wear and damage.

  3.  Replace or clean any filters.  This helps keep the machine running cooler.

  4.  Replacement of the separation pads and rollers for all paper trays.

  5.  Inspection and cleaning of the pick-up roller surface, and if needed,  replacement of the rollers.

  6.  The Scanner beam-to-drum optical path is critical to image quality.  We inspect and clean it as needed.

  7.  We clean and inspect your machines registration rollers which can become coated with a film of debris over time, usually causing paper jams.

  8.  Exit Assembly rollers are inspected and cleaned.  

  9.  We even clean the fan and lubricate any gear assemblies.

10.  We inspect and tighten or replace screws and also check the grounding straps, tightening them as necessary.  loose ground straps or screws can produce a number of problems or even failure.

Our inspection and testing can be performed either in our shop or at your site.  On site service is charged at $80.00 per hour plus parts.  Service in our shop is charged at $50.00 per hour plus parts.



PRINTER TYPE                                           PART                                 PRICE

HP LaserJet  4/4+/4M/5/5M           Fuser Assembly *                      $99.95 ea.

HP LaserJet  4000/4100/4200          Sep Pad & Roller                         $19.95/set

HP LaserJet   4000/4100                  Fuser Assembly *                       $149.95 ea.

HP LaserJet   4000/4100                  MP Tray  Sep Pad &  Roller       $19.95/set

HP LaserJet   5Si                              Fuser Assembly *                       $199.95 ea.

HP LaserJet   5                                  Paper Feed Rollers                      $9.95 ea.

HP LaserJet   5                                  MP Tray Sep Pad                         $17.95/set

HP LaserJet   5Si/8000/8100            Maintenance Kit install *           $229.95 ea.

* Installed price with a 90 day warranty




Click on picture to see an example of some of the problems we have had to fix for our customers.  This particular customer noticed the printouts were smudged and wanted us to have a look to see what was causing the problem.  Needless to say when we opened up the covers we were quite surprised!  This printer had recently had a family of mice living in it for quite some time!  The printer now looks and prints as good as new!



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